Info: “Master of Seduction” is a NSFW realtime 3D game where you can move freely in the first-person perspective and interact with objects and characters.
You start the game by arriving at your father’s villa, which he has given to you to use as you please. In the villa works and lives a maid that your father hired before he left. Do you have what it takes to win your maid’s heart and get into her bed?
The game plays dynamically. This means that you create your own storyline in the game, what you do and when you do it. You can build a relationship with your maid, complete tasks or improve your character (new from version 0.8.0).
At this stage, the game is still small. In the future there will be more characters, more things to do and of course much, much more content!
But the main goal is to create a game that feels more real and more immersive than many others.

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